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We carry an extensive range of different systems and the accessories to play the games we love and enjoy. Notably:

Mantic Games: Kings of War, Vanguard, Armada, Warpath, Deadzone

Games Workshop: Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar

Warlord Games: Black Powder, Pike & Shotte, Hail Caesar,  Bolt Action, Black Sails

Perry Miniatures


North Star Figures


Paints: Citadel paints, Vallejo, Miniature Paint

We order every week so if the product is not on the shelves then we can order it in within a matter of a few days.


Here at QKG we stock an abundance of games and accessories to enable us to play and enjoy our hobby and every so often its good to have a focus on some of our products. Its not always going to be the newest or the more trendy of the games that we play but sometimes its just refreshing to focus on some of the staples of our hobby. So today we are going to shine the QKG store spotlight on:

a nice WW2 game system that is a bit different for people to play. Its RULES OF ENGAGEMENT from Great Escape Games with its great price of £10 for a lovely hard backed book!  

This 240 page hardback book contains:

GAME RULES: The complete gaming rules covering movement, weapons, close quarters combat, artillery and more. Includes opportunity fire, hidden troops, snipers, tank support and fortifications. With clear examples and diagrams, Rules of Engagement is easily accessible yet offers plenty of depth for experienced players.

SCENARIOS: Nine scenarios from take and hold missions to desperate rearguard actions. Each scenario includes specific rules covering, for example, rserves, unacceptable losses and additional orders.

THE SECOND WORLD WAR 1944-45: A detailed history of the War on the Western Front from D-Day to the Fall of the Reich. The Orders of Battle section gives detailed listings of the forces available including company and divisional support options. Forces covered: German Grenadiers, Panzergrenadiers, Volksgrenadiers, Fallschirmjager and Waffen SS, British Infantry, Airborne and Commandos, Canadian Infantry, US Infantry, Armored Infantry, Parachute Infantry and Rangers and the Maquis.

HOBBY SECTION: A complete colour guide to painting your miniatures and creating a battlefield. Uniform and equipment guides for all the forces featured in the Orders of Battle including British and Canadian Infantry, British Airborne and Commandos, German Grenadiers and Panzergrenadiers, Fallschirmjager, Waffen SS and Volksgrenadiers, US Infantry, US Airborne and Maquis.

MP: Miniature Paints.

We have stocked this range of paints for many years now and its always a popular range with many people who wish a nice value 30ml pots paint range thats got a good range of colours, and is suitable for many things including miniature painting












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