DUST OFF the UK Dust Exposition

DUST OFF is The Dust Knights UK massive TWO day event of DUST! There will be Dust Competitions, Dust demos, Dust participations games, Dust Adventures with the main event being The Dust Tactics & Battlefield Open Championships. Read More...


The DUST KNIGHTS Command or "DUST KNIGHTS" are a United Kingdom, Telford player based organization dedicated to the study, discussion and execution via table top game play of games set in Paolo Parente’s Read More... 


Dust Knights are often asked many questions relevant to our operations, our thought and views and about our events and activities. We have made a list of but a few of these questions with our answers Read More ...

Following the highly successful UK 2015 Dust Exposition in October 2015 The Dust Knights U.K are pleased to announce the dates for Dust off 2016. Save the dates Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th October 2016! As in 2015 this will be a massive TWO day event of DUST! There will be Dust Competitions, Dust demos, Dust participation games and Dust Adventures. The main event will be The Dust 47 Open Championships for both on and off grid play.

There are two types of ticket available INDIVIDUAL and PARTNER.

The Individual ticket allows for ONE individual to take part in both days events with entry to the off grid or on grid tournament and all competitions run at Dust Off

The excellent value Partner ticket allows admission for ONE person as above but a second person may come along to enjoy the event and many of the activities but may not enter the on grid/off grid championships or the painting competition.

Ticket Prices:
• INDIVIDUAL event ticket price is £20
• PARTNER event ticket is £25
There is a limited period 'EARLY BIRD' ticket available
• EARLY BIRD INDIVIDUAL event ticket price is £15
• EARLY BIRD PARTNER event ticket is £20
Tickets are available on line at www.questingknightgames.co.uk or from dustknights@gmail.com or in person at Questing Knight Games.

When the going gets tough the tough get Dust!

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